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Call Detail Collection Service

Why implement expensive hardware and software that will be obsolete in no time? Why divert valuable employee resources from your core business? Our Call Detail Collection Service requires no software or hardware to purchase, no employee or company resources. WCI will install a CDR collection device, poll, process, and provide custom reports. The cost is only $300.00 per month per site with a six month contract.

  • Usage Reports Peg counts for calls by duration, frequency, number dialed, and/or CallerID to detect call patterns.
  • Call Destination Reports Call Destination by area code, area code & exchange, LATA code and country code.
  • Facility Reports Trunk utilization by call and duration for incoming /outgoing calls by time of day.
  • Custom Reports WCI can develop a report to meet any specialized reporting requirement.

Call Detail Record Documentation

WCI has documentation and worksheets for over 200 call detail record formats, including detailed call detail record layouts with field definitions, default information and interdependencies.  Unlimited specialist support is provided with the each Call Detail Record Layout.

Example_of WCI_Worksheet: Convert_UNIX_Date-Time