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Wylie Communications, Inc.

With unlimited calling plans and cheap Voice over IP (VoIP) calling why would anyone incur the cost of collecting and processing voice and data detail records (VDDR)?  Accounting and chargeback of voice services is dead right? Voice and data calls are virtually free, right?  Wrong!  There are costs, expensive costs, other than the usage cost.  There is the damage done by a security breach, the loss of corporate information or sensitive customer information, and there is lost employee productivity.  The collection and processing of call detail data provides an additional source of information to monitor and document information usage. 

  • Information Security Many security threats are created intentionally or unintentionally by employees.  The monitoring of voice and data records provides Information Security with a tool to track down the source of a security breach, and plug, prevention and prosecute.
  • Threats  There are two types of threats: 1) indirect or remote threat - a threat made via telephone, fax, mail, or internet and 2) an immediate physical threat.  Whether it is an indirect or direct threat against the company or an individual, voice and data records can provide invaluable event documentation and information, such as date, time, dialed number, IP address or Caller ID, to assist the police or corporate security in assisting and documenting threat, as well as prosecuting the offenders when necessary.  
  • Prevent Loss of Employee Productivity  Voice and data records can be used to monitor employee productivity.  Whether tracking the number of sales calls made the sales team, tallying the number of incoming calls processed by the customer support group or monitoring activity to an unacceptable web site or phone number, voice and data records can provide hourly, daily, weekly or monthly management reports. 
  • Facility Optimization Are you paying for facilities that are not being used?  Do you pay for switch maintenance by the port but have no idea how many ports are actually being used?  Why not analyze the voice and data records by facility to determine the traffic volumes by trunk, port, or vendor?  With solid stats you can justify reducing, increasing or changing the facilities to optimize costs.  Additionally, there is the ability to monitor high cost events such as international calling, long distance, 900 numbers, or excessively long duration or high frequency calls.